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I represent first-class offices for ambitious partners. This is no average deal. I provide shopping mall facilities, underground parking, presentable front desks, as well as cultivated space to meet up or relax. You can enjoy your coffee on the terrace of my café. I am perfectly aligned with my habitat. You may access me by subway, bus, tram, on your bike or by car.

"No wonder I am confident!"

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Nobody can take away from me my location at the entry gate to Karlín. The rounded edges of my glass mantle are almost within reach of the highway, so it is indeed hard to miss me. Looking around I see giants such as the City of Prague Museum, Karlín Musical Theater, The Negrelli Viaduct, Florenc Central Bus Station, Masaryčka, or the Old Town. I can see you and you can see me. I am simply unmissable.

"I am simply unmissable."

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I have been designed in a way so even the most demanding clients may find me appealing. My office floors can accommodate nearly 300 workers on 4 office floors with an area of 3 400 m2. In addition, I can divide each floor into smaller units, and thus I am ideal for confident tenants, whether they are big or on the smaller side. Yet, I am not here just for the office people. With my retail area in the heart of Prague on the main artery of flowing crowds. I have a total of 6 floors, and I have grown to 4,310 m2 of leasable area.

"I am versatile."

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I stand on solid foundations of a baroque fortress and I do not intend to diminish this legacy. I have the ideal construction height. In each of the 6 floors I have a full-fledged equipment one might expect from a modern building. I want you to feel right at home in me. Hence, in winter I heat the floors and in summer I pleasantly cool with my ceiling air-conditioner. From the outside I pride myself with airy Möding Alphaton cladding panels, aluminum raster double skin façade to effectively protect the interior comfort.

"Which is why I am not afraid to say that I am comfortable."

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The history of my creator and owner is long, thus offering a solid background and certainty of my stability in place and time. My owner wants to look after me proudly, just as he has been taking care of the facilities for carriers and passengers in Florence for decades. I am not a fleeting spirit as I am a faithful partner.

"I am not a fleeting spirit as I am a faithful partner."

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Surely you have not found everything you would like. Nothing is happening; I, as your future butler, are at your full disposal.
Yours Sincerely

Florian Bastion (alter ego of the building)

Email: pronajmy@bastionflorenc.cz
Tel: +420 601 060 600

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